Tradespersons working with Asbestos

Anyone working in or on buildings is at the highest risk of exposure to asbestos fibres.

  • Any construction built before year 2000 potentially contains asbestos
  • There are over 3000 known products containing asbestos

Under UK law, areas due for work must be checked for the presence of asbestos before proceeding, to prevent causing potential exposure to asbestos fibres.
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Whether a manager, employee or contractor, duties of care exist for anyone with an element of control over a workplace.
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Responsibilities vary, however, in all cases, anyone likely to disturb asbestos during the course of their work is required to attend regular asbestos awareness training, check whether asbestos has been identified in the work area and avoid disturbance of asbestos products.

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Protect yourself and those around you from asbestos contamination. Be asbestos aware, check Asbestos Management or Refurbishment/Demolition Survey results before starting work and remain vigilant for potential asbestos products.

If in doubt – check it out!

Sarum Asbestos is pleased to advise tradespersons on any asbestos concerns and offer an inexpensive sample analysis service for your peace of mind. Call us on 07900 892261.

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